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Sustainable Freight
is the Future.

Zeus is an award-winning sustainable freight pioneer. We provide companies with real and actionable ways to streamline, improve and decarbonise their freight transport.

Electric HGV charging

The road to

Sustainable Freight.

Zeus is dedicated to decarbonising freight and making it truly sustainable.

Zeus was founded and is dedicated to helping the industry migrate to zero emission transport and sustainable business practices across the world.

Empty miles, inefficient vehicle utilisation, and fossil fuels are no longer cutting it. At Zeus we use new technology, new fuels and new thinking to deliver real improvements that you can implement today.

“Climate responsibility is no longer a debate, it’s a deadline. We all need to work together towards eliminating greenhouse gas emissions in a way that companies can trust and embrace easily. Zeus was founded to do just this and specialises in providing innovative solutions for decarbonisation that make real and consequential reductions in carbon emissions."

Jai Kanwar & Clemente Theotokis

Founders, Zeus

What does Sustainable Freight mean?

Sustainability is about continuing to meet the needs of current and future generations while minimising negative impacts on our environment. 

Through sustainable freight, we can continue to meet the growing demands of the world's economies but in a way that is efficient, productive and clean, by utilising technology and new ways of working.

At Zeus we see sustainable freight as the unifying principle in building a successful future where both our global economy and planet continues to grow. 

Sustainability is our core purpose

Zeus was founded to ​help create a single universal standard that enables everyone to work together to reduce the environmental impact of global freight and promote a green supply chain.

Our first step was to pioneer a reliable, intelligent and easy to use freight platform that ensures both shippers and hauliers benefit from new synergies, optimised modal approaches and increased productivity.

Now, we are the first digital freight transport provider to commit to using renewable diesel or electric powered HGVs (for new solutions clients from Jan 2023) and the first to launch a  unique 'green' low-carbon multimodal solution that uses sustainable supply chain practices, our technology, green HGVs, and electric powered rail freight to significantly reduce carbon emissions by up to 84%.

What does Zeus do right now?

Providing real decarbonised transport

Zeus provides low-carbon multimodal solutions that combine renewable diesel, new modes, and our proprietary technology to deliver up to 84% carbon reductions (vs diesel HGVs). This solution is the must-have supply chain initiative of 2023. Book a free freight analysis today and see Zeus in action today!

We plant a tree for every load.

Zeus supports Ecologi, a company that gives access to tree planting initiatives from all over the world. Zeus has contributed to tree planting programs that tackle habitat loss, deforestation and desertification.

Zeus Sustainable Freight

Part of the change

Our environmental strategy is based on four key phases.

Social Need: Delivering accurate data

Social Impact: Measurable reductions

Social Standard: Raising the bar

Social Change: Sustainable Freight

Road through the forest

Zeus Memberships

Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) was established over twenty years ago.

It is the globally recognised framework for measuring, managing and eventually reducing emissions from private and public sector operations, value chains and economies.

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In order to provide a global standard on the reporting of carbon emissions, the Global Logisics Emissions Council (GLEC) developed the GLEC Reporting Framework.

The Reporting Framework a way to standardise supply chain emissions accounting for all forms of transport.

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Ecologi is a fellow startup redefining how easy and simple it is for people and businesses to contribute towards reducing climate change.

They provide a fully audited, transparent and trustworthy approach to carbon offsetting and ecological redevelopment.

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The Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance is a voluntary community-driven body of major shippers and transport providers across the world working together to standardise the role of 'sustainable procurement' in the supply chain. 

Zeus is proud to help shape the standards of this rapidly burgeoning area of expertise, which is essential if we are to make freight truly sustainable.  

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Join us in

Building a sustainable future.

The first step is easy. Request a Free Freight Analysis and let us show you exactly how we can reduce your supply chain emissions today.

The future of freight must be a sustainable one, and that requires decarbonisation and the adoption of sustainable supply chain practices in Europe and the UK to happen now.

Let us make the future together.

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