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The Legend of Zeus®

A short history of the company.

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Here's our origin story.

In 2020, two pioneers set out to change the future of freight.


While at university in London, Jai Kanwar (studying Economics at LSE) and Clemente Theotokis (studying Mathematics and Statistics at KCL) believe that there is an untapped opportunity to use technology to make the supply chain more efficient, productive, and sustainable.


Zeus Labs Ltd is registered as a holding business name (yes, inspired partially by Clemente’s Greek ancestry - but also for the fact that they felt they had an idea that really was going to shake the foundations of the incredibly traditional logistics industry to the core).


August: Rounding up some of the most brilliant minds in logtech, Zeus goes to market with a unique freight management and Driver app technology focused on helping automate the very manual process of booking and tracking road freight.


As the pandemic rocks the world, Zeus finds that their initial haulage network of 300 owner-driver, owner operator and small fleets are in great demand. With supply chain disruptions rocking the UK, the reliable, fast and scalable domestic solution gets noticed rapidly.


March: AB InBev, the largest brewer in the world, joins Zeus. A start-up only six months old, but already making significant waves in the market. By the end of 2021, Zeus has over £4m in revenues, is regularly working with 4 of the 5 top third-party logistics providers in the UK, and our networked fleet has travelled 1.5 million miles of deliveries on British roads.


Zeus starts with a huge drive to expand the supply base. Over the year, we grow our haulage partners from 300 to 1800, growing our networked fleet to 10,000 HGVs in the UK - and 10% of our business is now coming from the EU. In addition, Zeus announces a new angel funding round, raising £1.8m.


September, sustainability was part of the company’s founding vision. Now, the Zeus team decide that the way forward for Zeus, for the industry, and for the future of our economy is to invest fully in true sustainable freight. In only two years, Zeus counts major leading companies including P&G, Decathlon, Primark, Kelloggs, and AB InBev as clients - about 60 enterprise level customers in total.


After an extremely successful pilot with one of the top 3 largest FMCG manufacturers in the world, Zeus launches to market its unique low carbon GLEC-based multimodal solution using HVO fuel, ferry and electric freight rail to make significant reductions of up to 84% carbon emissions! (Compared to diesel road freight.). By now, 90% of our work is in Europe. The networked fleet includes leading haulage companies and numbers nearly 15,000 trucks (on top of intermodal transport).


Award Winning

Zeus has quickly become Europe's fastest-growing sustainable freight transport provider. Jai Kanwar and Clemente Theotokis are named joint Young Entrepreneurs of the Year 2023, by the respected Startups. list and Zeus jumps straight to rank 28 in the Startups 100 Index.

Market Leaders

In January 2023, Zeus was inducted as the first digital sustainable freight provider as a Full Member of the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC), reinforcing our dedication to working with the industry and driving forward reductions in the environmental impact of logistics and freight operations.

Trusted By

Working for the future.

Sustainable freight.

Zeus is a digital freight system that works for the future.

We have built and are continuing to develop a sustainable freight solution that redefines simplicity. Our vision is to make meaningful progress towards completely sustainable freight.

Read more about our sustainable freight strategy.

Join us, use our smart technology and systems to reduce your carbon footprint, redefine your road freight, and simplify your supply chain. Read more about our green multimodal solution that will reduce your emissions today, by up to 84%!