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Freight Command
Product Showcase

Discover the full breadth of innovative features and functionality.

Freight Command
is designed for companies who desire a fast and seamless distribution process for large, fast-growing, or multinational retail, distributor, or franchisee customer bases.

Freight Command Customer Case

Fully automated and intelligent scheduling partnered to your customer schedules.

Optimised Delivery Management

Features covered: Slot Management, Live Loads, Load Management, User Alerts, Driver app 

Freight Command slot scheduling pulls together your warehouse locations, your transport provider availability, and customer deadlines into one seamless automation tool.

  • Automated load transfer through API integrations (ERP, TMS, or we can custom build one to connect as part of our implementation set-up).

  • Real-time visibility at every stage, from shipment consolidation at your warehouse to unloading at your customer's warehouse bay.

  • Trackable SKU lists for every delivery, easily review and check the load of each shipment.

  • The 'Loads' view is automatically fed by your ERP system and connects with your transport management system or can replace it entirely. Automated, live slot / dock scheduling for every delivery.

  • Connect to customer and provider schedules, book loads automatically and the customisable algorithm cascades through slots until available ones booked, matching transport to warehouse bays.

  • Live tracking and instant messaging with hauliers. Access carrier contact details, delivery forms, send and receive additional forms, and review all shipments while en route to destination.

Find out more from our Apollo Tyres Ltd client case

Customisable algorithmic automation ensuring deliveries quickly get to customers on time.

Automated Slot Management

Features covered: Slots, Live Loads, Load Management, Circles

Taking dock scheduling to the next level: our automated slot scheduler merges load preparation, bay planning, transport availability and delivery tracking in one

  • Fully customisable algorithm (e.g. Hungarian law precludes weekend deliveries)

  • Integrates with your warehouse system to provide an intuitive interface of all locations

  • System-suggested loading slots based on SKU volume, transport, and availability

  • Email, or API connected, notifications to your customers and users at every step.

Interview: Chief Digital Officer, Hizmy Hassan

See our interview with Apollo Tyres Ltd and why they chose Freight Command to help them bake-in supply chain advantage and keep their fast growth on track. 

Single point of access management of carriers and all company information.

Intuitive Transport Provider Management

Features covered: Circles, Hauliers, Templates, Contracts

Whether you work with regional, national or international suppliers, with vans or trucks, our system enables a centralised view of everything from contracts to routing / lane allocation. 

Freight Command gives your operations or transport teams an intuitive single access view on everything to do with managing transport providers. Our innovative feature 'Circles' enables you to customise the best way to quickly allocate and automate work to the right providers at the right time. 

  • Manage hauliers and add their SLAs, contracts and insurance docs in one place

  • Automated ratings at haulier level, from performance data fed by the Zeus Driver app

  • Circles allows grouping of transport providers by any imaginable criteria

  • All of this feeds through to the live slot scheduling tool for ultimate control.

Fully digitised delivery and payment process.

Digital Proof of Deliveries and Automated Reconciliations

Features covered: Loads, Hauliers, Live Loads, API integrations, Driver app

Keep your cash flow moving. Freight Command ensures that as soon as a delivery is completed, a digital proof of delivery is uploaded and your ERP and finance systems are updated.

  • Instant access to every digital POD: a signed record of delivery

  • Enable self-billing for hauliers so everything is managed digitally

  • Keep track of demurrage charges by route, haulier and delivery

  • Provided with Freight Command is the Zeus Driver app

  • Work in EU & EEA? Then be sure to be eCMR ready for 2025.

Ready-to-run custom freight marketplace

Freight Marketplace

Features: Marketplace, Automated Slot Management, Circles, Live Loads

Deploy your own web-accessible freight marketplace. Freight forwarders and transport providers can easily access and bid or book new spot / ad-hoc or other work. 

  • Fully featured and secure automated assignment marketplace 
  • Web accessible with in-built haulier verification process
  • Invited carriers gain full messaging, notifications and access
  • Free Driver app for live messaging, tracking, route optimisation 

Fully detailed live reporting, dashboards and optional carbon tracking available.

Live Dashboards and Reporting

Features covered: Reporting, Live Loads

Optional feature: Carbon tracking tool.

Integrated throughout, and pulling from your other systems, Freight Command enables your teams to stay on top of every delivery and get live insights into haulier performance.

  • Fully customisable reporting dashboard based on your key metrics

  • All key haulier service level metrics built-in

  • Set-up notifications for key customers or important deliveries

  • Measure productivity and effectiveness of your transport operations.

Optional: Carbon tracker: built to ISO 14083 and GLEC Framework standards, this optional feature tracks and reports on all carbon emissions for your transport. Gain standardised reporting, full insights on emissions, and also clear data on savings too. Plug-in Zeus's sustainable freight transport too and you're all set to make significant carbon savings on your scope 3 emissions.

You'll be impressed.

Demo Zeus Freight Command

Exclusive pre-launch invite:  Zeus works with the biggest shippers in the world. Based on their frustrations, Zeus Freight Command is a fresh, new solution to a common set of problems.

Automate your sales-to-operations fulfilment and get smart digital management of all transport providers in one place.

It’s easy to be in control with Zeus.

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