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Zeus AI: Your Logistics Autopilot

Zeus AI is an enterprise software that simplifies your entire supply chain by automating tasks and resolving any issues you have in logistics management.

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Everything through one technology.


Our customers have achieved more than 98% D.O.T with Freight Connect


Our customers have seen up to 71% reduction in order to cash cycle with Freight Command


Our customers can reduce current logistics costs in excess of 60% with Zeus AI

Freight management is complex. So we simplified it.

The streamlined freight technology.

Why choose Zeus for freight management?

Zeus is a revolutionary freight platform, designed to streamline transport management by fully automating operations and distribution processes. As a leader in tech-driven logistics, Zeus specializes in transforming the movement of freight by introducing innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, minimise costs, and reduce environmental impact.

Our approach at Zeus combines state-of-the-art technology and AI with a range of intermodal transport options and sustainable biofuels. Supported by dedicated service teams, we offer a seamless, reliable solution tailor-made for the dynamic demands of freight movement across borders.

With Zeus, over 300 million kilos of cargo are efficiently delivered each year, representing a value of approximately £800 million, serving over 60 enterprise-level clients globally. Trust Zeus to empower your logistics with precision, reliability, and sustainability.

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We made the decision to partner with Zeus because we had some challenges in Italy meeting our Delivery on Time KPI, which is a key KPI in our business. We’ve been working with Zeus for four months now and the Zeus team is very responsive, knowledgeable and communication with the team is very fluid.

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Transport Manager Mainland Europe

I have worked with freight forwarders in the past, so my expectations were probably a bit low. However, it seems different with Zeus, there's more of a partnership with your suppliers and audience. There seems to be a much better relationship with your hauliers.


Group Transport Manager

AB InBev was the first Enterprise-level customer for Zeus back in March 2021. They have steadily grown the size of their work with us, so that now 100% of AB InBev beers – that’s Beck's, Corona, Leffe, Stella Artois – sold in London shops are put there by Zeus hauliers.


Chief Commercial Officer, Zeus


Where does Zeus operate?

Zeus operates in Europe, the United States, and India, with its headquarters in the UK.

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