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Future of Freight

Zeus® is a pioneering freight technology and sustainable freight transport provider.

We offer large manufacturers and retailers with real ways to decarbonise their middle-mile freight routes today. Using proprietary technology, renewable diesel, and managed multimodal solutions we have reduced carbon emissions for companies by 84%.

The streamlined freight technology you've been waiting for.
Connect to sustainability and unlock new competitive advantage.

Simplified and sustainable freight

Why should you join Zeus?

Zeus is a freight technology that that takes the stress off transport management teams by completely automating transport operations and distribution. Choose from either Freight Connect - our transport options or Freight Command - our automated software for distribution.

We combine technology, intermodal options, and approved biofuels together with dedicated service teams to give shippers a complete solution that they can trust.

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Being serious about simplicity gets results.


Our hauliers have seen up to 37% more revenues


Shippers can achieve up to 84% less carbon emissions


Empty journeys were reduced by 22%

One technology: but not a one-size-fits-all setup.

Choose Freight Connect for transport or Freight Command for enterprise software that turns your distribution into competitive edge.

Working for the future

Sustainable freight.

Zeus is a digital freight system that aims for a better future.

We have built, and are continuing to develop, a sustainable freight solution that redefines simplicity. Our vision is to make meaningful progress towards completely sustainable freight.

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Join us, use our smart technology to reduce your carbon footprint, redefine your road freight, and simplify your supply chain.

Everything through one technology.

Freight management is complex. So we simplified it.

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Increase your loads.

Scale your fleet

Zeus helps hauliers get more work easily, grow their business and expand their fleets. Great rewards. No stress. Zero nonsense.

With Zeus, you get to do more of what you love.

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Customer Reviews

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We made the decision to partner with Zeus because we had some challenges in Italy meeting our Delivery on Time KPI, which is a key KPI in our business. We’ve been working with Zeus for four months now and the Zeus team is very responsive, knowledgeable and communication with the team is very fluid.

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Transport Manager Mainland Europe

I have worked with freight forwarders in the past, so my expectations were probably a bit low. However, it seems different with Zeus, there's more of a partnership with your suppliers and audience. There seems to be a much better relationship with your hauliers.


Group Transport Manager

AB InBev was the first Enterprise-level customer for Zeus back in March 2021. They have steadily grown the size of their work with us, so that now 100% of AB InBev beers – that’s Beck's, Corona, Leffe, Stella Artois – sold in London shops are put there by Zeus hauliers.


Chief Commercial Officer, Zeus

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