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Frequently Asked Questions

Freight Command FAQs

How much time does this software save? 

How can Freight Command help streamline coordination with carriers and freight forwarders?

Can Freight Command automatically book frequent, recurring or regular deliveries?

How does Freight Command increase service levels?

Can Freight Command handle ocean and air freight deliveries?

Which finance systems do we already integrate with?

Our service for shippers.

Freight Connect FAQs

How is Zeus Freight Connect different from a freight forwarder?

Do you run your own fleet?
What are the advantages of your approach?
I have an existing contract in place, can you wait until the next tender?
Do you have a mobile App?

Frequently Asked Questions

Carrier & Transport Partner FAQs

Is there a subscription fee?
How does Zeus work?
How does Zeus work for hauliers?
How do I sign up on your platform?
How do I apply and get loads?
How fast can I sign up and get loads?
How do you verify hauliers with Zeus?

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