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Europe's fastest
sustainable freight provider.

Zeus is a completely new tech-driven solution - one that changes freight management, both now and for the future.

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Who is 

Our team of technology, transport, and sustainability experts have developed a unique low-carbon multimodal solution that brings people and technology together to make sustainable freight a reality, today.

“Our fundamental belief is that great technology can simplify and solve the sustainability challenges both hauliers and shippers face today. Our founding purpose is to help quicken the development and adoption of sustainable freight at a global level. ”

Clemente Theotokis & Jai Kanwar

Founders, Zeus

Our Purpose

Zeus’s vision is to help create a single technological standard that enables everyone to work together to deliver truly sustainable freight. 

Our first step was to pioneer a reliable, scalable and easy to use freight transport technology  that helped both shippers and hauliers benefit from new synergies, optimised modal approaches and increased productivity, while simultaneously helping measurably reduce emissions, empty legs and wasted hours.

Now, in 2023, we are rapidly commercialising sustainable freight transport solutions and launching new products in order to become the trusted partner to large manufacturers and retailers across the UK and Europe.

Trusted By

The Zeus Team

Leadership Team

Our senior executive team combines pioneering mindsets with proven industry experience to deliver a senior team capable of delivering the promise of Zeus: unlocking new productivity, efficiency and sustainability for global freight.

Clemente Theotokis

Founder & Managing Director

Oversees product, technology and finance.

Jai Kanwar

Founder & Managing Director

Oversees sales and marketing.

Alistair Lindsay

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for all business operations.

Vuk Nikolić

Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for every aspect of our development, architecture and technology.

Janko Stojanović

chief product officer

Responsible for the development of our product portfolio.

Sam McGuirk

Chief Commercial Officer

Oversees all business commercial activities.

Management Team

Alan Hayward

Head of Finance

Administers the finance team and all payment, accounting and finance operations.

Jerome Silva

Head of operations

Responsible for the Customer Success, Capacity and Customer Service teams.

Dr. Christopher de Saxe

Head of Sustainability

Representative for GLEC & Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance. Oversees all sustainability activities.

Neha Mande

HR Business Partner

Responsible for all the HR functions and works with leadership to improve productivity.

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Careers at Zeus

Our impact so far

We've built a product that's making a real difference.


Shippers benefit from 71% less administrative hours


Our hauliers have seen up to 36.7% more revenues


Shipper carbon emissions have been reduced by 84%

Customer Reviews

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We made the decision to partner with Zeus because we had some challenges in Italy meeting our Delivery on Time KPI, which is a key KPI in our business. We’ve been working with Zeus for four months now and the Zeus team is very responsive, knowledgeable and communication with the team is very fluid.

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Transport Manager Mainland Europe

I have worked with freight forwarders in the past, so my expectations were probably a bit low. However, it seems different with Zeus, there's more of a partnership with your suppliers and audience. There seems to be a much better relationship with your hauliers.

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Group Transport Manager

AB inBev was the first Enterprise-level customer for Zeus back in March 2021. They have steadily grown the size of their work with us, so that now the majority of AB inBev beers – that’s Beck's, Corona, Leffe, Stella Artois – sold in London stores are put there by Zeus.

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Chief Commercial Officer, Zeus

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With proven decarbonisation gains, streamlined functionality and real client successes, we’re the fastest growing sustainable freight provider in Europe.

Our vision is to drive the future of freight forward to full sustainability and optimal efficiency.