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Freight Command
Client Case
Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres Limited is the largest Indian tyre manufacturing company, and owns popular European brand Vredestein.

05th April 2023

Written by

Sania Srivastava

Business Acquisition Lead - Freight Command

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Zeus Freight Command was first implemented for this leading manufacturer and fast-growing multi-billion dollar company. 

Dedicated to streamlining operations and making their distribution operations a competitive advantage, Apollo looked to the unique and integrated solution that Freight Command supplies. 

Zeus has developed a unique tool. One that helps streamline internal sales-to-logistics collaboration and also automates the integration and optimal use of our pan-European transport network. It’s really about fulfilling our distributors' needs for fast order to delivery. This tool sits seamlessly on top of our Oracle system and works with our existing TMS.”

- Hizmy Hassan, Chief Digital and Supply Chain Officer

Watch the full 4 minute interview with Hizmy Hassan of Apollo Tyres below. 

Mr Hassan talks about the unique solution developed by Zeus, why it is perfect for manufacturers with broad distributor-based footprint and short fulfilment cycles and how this fresh approach uses automation and machine learning to turn a distribution chain into competitive differentiation. 

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