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Client Case: Low-Carbon Multimodal Pilot Results

In late 2022, Zeus developed and piloted a unique fully-managed, green multimodal transport solution designed to provide significant carbon emissions savings.

24th May 2023

Aerial view of road through forest

Written by

Jai Kanwar

Founder & Managing Director

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Using a combination of HVO100 fuelled HGVs, electric freight rail and ferries, our solution provided fast and fully tracked deliveries. Carbon emissions were tracked and reported using calculations according to the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework.

The pilot was run for a major FMCG manufacturer, who wishes to remain anonymous as the results informed other transport decisions.

Details of the Multimodal Pilot:

  • Ran and monitored initially for 8 weeks (then continued)

  • 240 tracked long distance, cross-Europe deliveries (full truck load deliveries)

  • Average route distance was 500-650 kilometres

  • Ran from Crailsheim, Germany, to multiple locations across Europe

  • Zeus based all routes on the client’s desired minimum OTIF (On-Time In Full) metric of 95%+

The Results: Major carbon reductions achieved

  • During this 8 week period, we tracked a reduction of 84% in ‘well to wheel’ carbon emissions: 293,296 kilograms (293 tonnes) - that would equal a significant reduction of 1.9 million kilograms for these routes over a year.

  • The carbon reduction of 293,296 kilograms equals the carbon stored by 4,850 deciduous trees kept alive for ten years (data based on the EPA equivalency calculator)

  • Some routes could not use multimodal; these were run with HVO fuelled heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) only

  • All deliveries were tracked through our freight management system (with live tracking of HGVs via our Zeus Driver app)

  • Emissions were calculated using GLEC Framework processes, with modelled data for European trains and HVO fuel, and compared to default data for Euro 6 diesel-fuelled 44 tonne HGVs emissions, per kilometre.

Note: HVO fuel is certified to emit over 90% less carbon dioxide and other pollutants than diesel (based on manufacturer-run ISO tests from producers MAES & NESTE, whose HVO fuel was used during the trial period). For this pilot we used a conservative 70% less carbon emissions assumption, to account for truck variables such as terrain, driver behaviour, and traffic delays.

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