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Unlocking Sustainability with Zeus

Introducing Carbon Emission Tracking and Calculation Services

11th September 2023

Road through the forest

Written by

Dr. Christopher de Saxe

Head of Sustainability

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In an era where sustainability takes centre stage, businesses are navigating a complex landscape of emissions reduction targets and regulatory pressures. Governments worldwide are tightening their grip on greenhouse gas emissions, pushing companies to not only track but actively reduce their carbon footprint. While direct emissions from business operations have been the focus to date (so-called Scope 1 and 2 emissions), indirect “Scope 3” emissions are now coming into focus and are proving central to the decarbonisation effort. Scope 3 emissions encompass all indirect emissions not stemming directly from owned assets or energy consumption, but which exist as a direct result of a company’s activities. For manufacturers, these emissions are often dominated by the logistics activities of distributing their finished goods to market, accounting for up to 90% of the emissions. Measuring and reporting logistics emissions while actively reducing them will hence become central to the decarbonisation journeys of these companies.

The Regulatory Landscape
The European Union, a pioneer in sustainability regulations, has already taken a decisive step by mandating Scope 3 emissions reporting for over 50,000 companies through the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Meanwhile in the United Kingdom, the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulations encourage over 12,000 companies to report Scope 3 emissions, and the upcoming Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) are expected to make this mandatory by 2024. What this means is that logistics emissions have just become a whole lot more important, and businesses will need to act rapidly to measure and reduce these emissions in line with current and upcoming legislation.

Your Partner in Emissions Reduction
By partnering with Zeus, businesses can stay one step ahead of regulations and the competition. Zeus is a specialist single-point-of-access low-carbon freight solution provider who will not only provide customised low-carbon solutions for your loads, but will track and report your decarbonisation progress as well. We provide access to a scalable pool of low-carbon transport options including HVO100, biogas, intermodal and soon electric vehicles through our cultivated network of hauliers. Our emissions tracking and reporting methodology is in line with the latest methodologies including the GLEC Framework and ISO 14083 standard, and lets you track your progress month-to-month according to industry best-practice.

The Zeus way
Zeus recognizes that the old way of empty miles, inefficient vehicle utilisation, and fossil fuel consumption is no longer sustainable. To tackle this challenge, we embrace cutting-edge technology, alternative fuels, and forward-thinking approaches that drive genuine improvements in freight transport. Our commitment is underscored by our founders, who understand the urgency of climate responsibility and the need for businesses to embrace decarbonization with trust.

Our journey began with our next-generation digital freight platform, optimising routing, mode choice, and vehicle utilisation, making the transition to low-carbon freight easier for shippers and hauliers alike. We are at the forefront as the one of the first digital freight transport providers to prioritise low-carbon freight solutions, emphasising renewable diesel, modal shift, and soon electric HGVs. This groundbreaking move underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our low-carbon solutions have already demonstrated an impressive 84% reduction in carbon emissions on formerly diesel-run lanes for large FMCG customers.

Beyond innovative freight solutions, we are committed to making a positive environmental impact as a business. For every load transported through our platform, a tree is planted through our partnership with Ecologi, a company dedicated to global reforestation initiatives. Our technology platform and web hosting are all powered by renewable energy. We also support our staff in minimising their carbon emissions through a hybrid working policy and an electric car leasing scheme. Sustainability is at the core of what we do.

As the world ushers in a new era of sustainability, companies are called upon not only to comply with reporting regulations but also to proactively reduce their carbon footprint in line with published targets. Scope 3 emissions reporting is an integral part of this journey, and investing in sustainable digital freight solutions with Zeus offers businesses a tangible way to navigate this evolving landscape. With our commitment to decarbonization, we lead the charge toward a more sustainable future for freight transport. It's not just about improving business operations; it's about embracing a future where both commerce and the planet thrive. Join us on this transformative journey today.

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