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Why should you partner with a digital freight platform?

Times are changing, but as a haulier, you might be wondering why you should work with a digital freight platform. Here’s our reasoning.

10th August 2022

Zeus Truck

Written by

Jerome Silva

Head of operations

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Why should you partner with a digital freight platform?

How haulage firms benefit from going digital.

Times are changing, but as a haulier, you might be wondering why you should work with a digital freight platform. Here’s our reasoning.

Road haulage is a major industry, expected to grow to £44bn value by 2025. Freight platforms can help haulage firms get a bigger slice of the pie and grow in new ways. Being digital helps you be more agile in the way you work and how you earn for your fleet.

Freight platforms like Zeus ‘fill the gaps’ of traditional haulage

Even in conservative estimates, today’s road freight processes means that up to 150,000 trucks are driving empty each day on British roads. At Zeus, and other digital freight platforms, the technology aggregates demand and supply in a way that eliminates this inefficiency. Hauliers can find both spot and contract work with Zeus, and we have found that in 2021 our hauliers reduced their empty runs by 30%.

“Been working on Zeus platform for well over 6 months, to be honest I am extremely satisfied. No more dead mileage and extremely helpful staff. Have worked for other platforms but with Zeus you actually get to speak to humans.” - B Quick Logistics

Everything digitised helps hauliers too

Administration time and paperwork are eliminated with Zeus. Freight platforms act as a communicator between shippers and hauliers. It’s easy to register and once verified (by providing copies of your operator’s licence and goods in transit documents) you can start receiving loads.

On our marketplace you will see all available spot loads, and after you’ve completed some work with good performance, you will have access to regular and contractual work. Everything is managed through our web app and Driver mobile app. No more paperwork. As soon as you upload your proof of delivery with our mobile app we can process your payment and you’ll be paid in 2-5 days.

“Working with Zeus has been a pleasure, friendly staff and they are super helpful. App and platform are very easy to use, and they have some really good paying loads.” - Bukur Trans Ltd

Our model is designed for scale - not fast profits

During the first days of the fuel crisis, we purposefully took a hit on our margin to help our hauliers deal with the additional costs. On the whole, our business model is based on our ambition - we aim for a reasonable fixed margin for our hauliers and gain from bringing newfound efficiency to shippers. A testament to this is that every shipper who trialled Zeus in 2021 has awarded us business. This is in no small part to the relationship we seek with our hauliers.

Unlike other platforms or intermediaries we offer honest margins, a dedicated service team whose sole purpose is to help hauliers, fast payment terms, easy to use technology and access to both spot and recurring work.

We treat hauliers as partners, not commodities

From day 1 our founders saw how owner-operators and small fleets struggled to make margins and so Zeus is a platform that offers real help with overheads like new truck tyres already, and seeking to add more real benefits.

Unlike other freight platforms we adopt a mixed-model approach, combining the best of both service and tech worlds.

“...We have a great working relationship with everyone we have dealt with at Zeus and find them very helpful. We cannot recommend them enough.” NCCFF Transport

Support for sustainable freight

With the UK Government putting into law the 2035 change to Zero Emission vehicles, the drive to sustainable freight is assured.

Here at Zeus we have plans to build an eco-system of support for hauliers that will help them build a ZE fleet. Currently, anybody using a green HGV (hybrid, electric, hydrogen) with a Zeus delivery will get extra loyalty points.

In summary, from owner-operators to large fleets, working with a free-to-use platform like Zeus can really help grow your business.

  • Reduce your empty runs

  • Find freight matched to your fleet

  • Increase your income!

  • Fast payment easily within 2-5 days

  • Easy to use - everything digital and via mobile app

  • Impressive loyalty program including incentive cards and huge discounts for premium Apollo Tyres

  • Operations team available to support you 7days/week

And if I do say so myself, you get to work with a great Operations team that is really there to help you!

Interested? Sign up today and get started.