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Zeus All Star Reward Program Terms & Conditions

Updated July, 2023

Zeus All Star Reward Program Terms & Conditions - Updated July, 2023

  • Zeus All Star Reward program is a voluntary haulage partner rewards scheme implemented by Zeus Labs Ltd. Only verified carriers can take part in our haulier reward program, and this complementary scheme starts as soon as hauliers start completing deliveries on either spot or contract basis. These terms and conditions will explain “reward points”, “rewards” and how to use your reward points. By taking part, or seeking to redeem points for rewards, in our reward program, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

  • Reward points are calculated at the end of every calendar month, using accrued data from all deliveries (successful and otherwise) applied against the haulage account within that month. Your point balance is communicated to the named Account Users via the email addresses registered on your Zeus account. Points are calculated from the tracking of your haulage firm’s performance within the criteria listed below:

Service Delivery -

  • 10 points for every job delivered on time. On time is considered within a time frame of +/-30 minutes either side of the planned delivery time.

  • 10 points deducted for every job delivered late. Late is considered greater than +/-30 minutes either side of the planned delivery time.

Zeus Digital Compliance -

  • 10 points for completing the job using the Zeus Driver App (full tracking from start to end of job and digital upload of POD (Proof of Delivery))

  • 10 points deducted for not completing the job using the Zeus Driver App (full tracking from start to end of job and digital upload of POD (Proof of Delivery))

  • Available Rewards will be communicated to our hauliers via monthly emails. If your organisation has accrued the correct amount of points for a specific reward, you can request redemption of relevant points to receive the reward at any time after the monthly update has been sent.

  • The rewards available for redemption and the number of points required to redeem each reward at any given time will be set out in our reward program and below for guidance -

  • 2,000 points - £100 Haulier Services Card

  • 8,000 points - 12.5% discount on Apollo Tyres

  • 16,000 points - 25% discount on Apollo Tyres

  • 36,000 points - 50% discount on Apollo Tyres

  • 15,000 points - Zeus branded curtains for 1 (one) tautliner trailer

The below restrictions are in place relating to points redemption -

  • Haulier Services Card -

A maximum of four (4) haulier services cards can be redeemed per calendar year.

  • Discounted Premium Tyres -

A maximum of twelve (12) premium Apollo truck tyres can be purchased with a discount (12.5% or 25% or 50% discount) per calendar year.

*Please note that you agree that these tyres will not be resold, and they will only be installed on vehicles via an Apollo-approved installer. Zeus will advise of the specific fitter based on your yard location.

  • Zeus Branded Trailer Curtain -

A maximum of one (1) Zeus branded curtains can be redeemed per calendar year.

Conditions -

  • At any time and without prior notice, Zeus may change the available rewards by withdrawing, limiting, modifying or cancelling the continued availability of a reward — or the number of points required to obtain a particular reward.

  • If our reward program gets terminated by Zeus, we will notify all reward users how long they have to use remaining points before final expiration.

  • Closure of your account on Zeus platform will result in immediate expiration of your points. These points will be immediately forfeited and cannot be reactivated upon creating a new account.

  • Points in your reward account must be claimed within 24 months from the date of the transaction earning those points. Points that remain unused after 24 months will expire and be forfeited.

  • No other companies or people who are not employees or registered users of your Zeus account are eligible to use your points or the rewards gained from the program. If for whatever reason you are notified that your account has been suspended and given to another, we reserve the right to instantly expire remaining points.

  • In addition to these terms and conditions, rewards may be subject to some special additional terms. These terms may be imposed on us by a third-party rewards provider. Our responsibility in connection to rewards providers is limited. We will make every effort to ensure that these changes are communicated to you.

  • We may terminate our reward program at any time, acting reasonably. Where possible, we will give you at least 60 days’ notice of the termination and cancellation of your reward account (if applicable). Circumstances where prior notice may not be possible include where we are affected by events outside our control (for example, one of our key rewards partners terminates their arrangement with us or can no longer perform their obligations).

  • We reserve the right to change and update our terms and conditions when required. Whilst these changes may come without prior notice, we will notify users of any major updates to ensure full transparency.

Should you have a complaint in relation to our reward program, or wish to redeem your points for a reward, please contact