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Our Sustainable Freight Solutions

Zeus makes integrating green freight into your supply chain easy.

Our fully managed tech-driven transport solutions integrate seamlessly and simplify sustainability.

Decarbonise your freight today with Zeus Freight Connect.

It's time to move beyond reporting to reductions.

Why freight decarbonisation?

Zeus specialises in 'middle-mile' sustainable freight transport solutions.

Our proven multimodal and HVO-fuelled road freight solutions have reduced carbon emissions by up to 84% (versus diesel road freight). We provide actionable ways for high-volume shippers to reduce emissions today, without sacrificing operational efficiency or reliability.

We make freight decarbonisation easy and cost effective.

A detailed report for your transport team to review

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Our free sustainability analysis will look at:

  1. Your existing routes (either a sample selection or region specific selection)
  2. Existing distances, metrics, modes of transport
  3. Desired goal: carbon reductions or reliability increase

The report will provide a detailed proposal and recommendations that can be reviewed by your transport teams.

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Our sustainable transport

1. Green Multimodal Solution

Our fully managed end-to-end multimodal transport solution has been proven to reduce carbon emissions by up to 84%. In Europe, using more freight rail is a great way to rapidly reduce greenhouse emissions and planing freight across modes such as ferries.

Our multimodal approach brings together the best of transport and technology so that clients benefit from a complete package of climate-first freight transport.

2. Green HGVs

Zeus Freight Connect employs renewable diesel fuelled HGVs which use certified biofuels to emit significantly less carbon emissions. We have chosen the most low-impact and renewable fuel providers, to ensure the lowest well-to-wheel reductions possible.

Diesel engine HGVs with drop-in renewable diesel are available for any route across Europe or the UK. In addition, electric HGVs are available for drayage routes or short-haul lanes.

3. Optimised Freight Matching

For some clients in Europe, we offer a unique process by which we map routes and offer optimised freight matching, connecting transport needs to ensure trucks never run empty.

Our Freight Connect platform gives full visibility to shippers across their supply chain. Everything is coordinated, optimised, and tracked by our freight management platform.

How we can help you

Zeus Freight Connect is designed to be integrated and deployed in less than four weeks.

We use a combination of proven technology, experienced service teams, and dedicated transport providers to quickly implement greener delivery chains.

Every client we work with has a solution optimised to their unique modal preferences, cargo type, and core metrics. We run a pilot first, so you can see the benefits before embracing the full solution. You can start on selected routes or enter tenders, depending on what’s best for you.

Who can use Zeus?

Zeus Freight Connect is designed for high-volume, high-frequency shippers seeking to increase reliability and sustainability metrics for their ‘middle mile’ routes across the UK and Europe. We currently work with full truckloads and rail containers.

I have worked with freight forwarders in the past, so my expectations were probably a bit low. However, it seems different with Zeus, there's more of a partnership with your suppliers and audience. There seems to be a much better relationship with your hauliers.


Group Transport Manager

We made the decision to partner with Zeus because we had some challenges in Italy meeting our Delivery on Time KPI, which is a key KPI in our business. We’ve been working with Zeus for four months now and the Zeus team is very responsive, knowledgeable and communication with the team is very fluid.


Transport Manager Mainland Europe

AB inBev was the first Enterprise-level customer for Zeus back in March 2021. They have steadily grown the size of their work with us, so that now nearly all of the AB inBev produced beers – that’s Beck's, Corona, Leffe, Stella Artois – sold in London stores have been put there by Zeus.

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Chief Commercial Officer, Zeus

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