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Zeus AI: Your Logistics Autopilot

Zeus AI is Europe’s most forward thinking logistics AI solution, empowering our customers to perform at the most optimal level through automation, deep data IP and AI enabled auto-execution.

We are enhancing Zeus's established capabilities in Freight Command with AI technology. Zeus AI is packed with features and fully customisable.

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AI Powered Logistics Revolution

Zeus AI

How does Zeus AI work?

An overview of Zeus AI Features and Capabilities

Zeus AI Product Showcase

AI Enabled Auto-Assignment

 Zeus AI seamlessly automates load distribution across your supplier base, guaranteeing the most effective use of your resources. Here's a snapshot of its capabilities:

Contract Loads: Zeus AI auto allocates based on attributes such as contract commitments, supplier performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Ad-Hoc/Spot Loads: Streamline your spot market dealings with automated negotiations, powered by bespoke pricing guidelines, ensuring you secure the best deals swiftly.

Intelligent Slot Management

Precision Slot Allocation: Zeus AI selects and secures the most suitable delivery and loading slots, minimising downtime and maximising productivity at both load and delivery sites.

Adaptive Scheduling: Anticipating and adjusting to foreseeable events affecting transit, Zeus AI ensures your operations are in sync with actual conditions.

Instant Notifications: Receive instant updates if a slot mismatch occurs, enabling swift human intervention to mitigate any order fulfilment issues.

Our middleware ensures smooth integration with various systems, including but not limited to ERP, TMS, WMS, SPP, and FAS.

Smart Load Management

Continuous Live Monitoring: With Zeus AI, every load in your network is under constant watch, ensuring timely identification and correction of any delivery schedule discrepancies.

Adaptive Route Planning: Our system dynamically recalibrates routes in response to live traffic updates, keeping your delivery timelines secure.

Enhanced Slot Efficiency: When unforeseen circumstances affect delivery plans, Zeus AI's smart scheduler adapts slot allocations to maintain smooth operations and maximise efficiency at both dispatch and receipt points.

Load Optimisation

With Zeus AI, thousands of orders are seamlessly consolidated, leveraging intelligent algorithms to suggest the most effective load combinations. These can be automatically assigned through existing contracts or placed into the spot market via our marketplace, ensuring a swift and smart allocation process.

Intelligent Cost Validation

Comprehensive Data Utilisation: Zeus AI leverages all available data, including GPS and location details, to scrutinise and validate any unplanned charges submitted by suppliers.

Accuracy in Charge Verification: Our system meticulously verifies the validity of each charge by reconciling it against precise location data, ensuring you only pay for what is correct.

Resolution of Irregularities: Whenever discrepancies are detected, Zeus AI promptly alerts suppliers about necessary adjustments, fostering transparency and accountability.

It is simple. It is automated.

Demo Zeus AI: Your Logistics Autopilot

Europe's First Logistics AI Solution.

Zeus AI is an enterprise software that simplifies your entire supply chain by automating tasks and resolving any issues you have in logistics management.

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